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  • Benefits of the Wonder Element - Shilajeet


    A sticky substance that’s found primarily trapped in between rocks is Shilajeet. It gets accumulated over a long period of time and is formed by the slow decomposition of the plant. Infused with a gamut of health benefits, Shilajeet is a natural treasure of modern times. There’s nothing safer and effective than this magical ingredient. Let’s find out its myriad attributes and how they help in living a healthy life.

    Alzheimer’s disease:

    Alzheimer is a brain disorder that creates hindrance in thinking and changes the behavioral pattern of the person. It is believed that Shilajit can prevent or slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s. Infused with potent antioxidant Fulvic Acid, Shilajit aids in the prevention of Tau protein accumulation. Though a crucial part of the nervous system, once accumulated, Tau can trigger brain cell damage. Studies have shown that the Fulvic Acid in Shilajit stops the abnormal buildup of the protein which ultimately cures the symptom of Alzheimer’s.

    Low testosterone level:

    The level of Testosterone - a primary male sex hormone, differs in men. The ones with lower levels of it have a low sex drive, loss of muscle mass, hair loss, and often experience fatigue. Shilajit is known to enhance the state of libido in men and boosts the sex drive.

    Chronic fatigue syndrome:

    Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a condition that instills extreme fatigue or a sense of tiredness in the person. Even the daily activities seem challenging and can make it really difficult to furnish any type of chores. It’s associated with mitochondrial dysfunction as the cell is unable to produce energy. Shilajit helps in restoring the energy and thereby improves the condition of CFS.


    This traditional ingredient is also known to reverse the age-clock. Infused with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory attributes, it shields from cellular damage and free radicals. As a result, the process of premature ageing slows down and all that is left behind is youthful radiance.

    Altitude sickness:

    Ranging from Pulmonary Edema, Insomnia, Dementia, Hypoxia to a gamut of other high altitude woes, Shilajit cures it all. An assorted ingredient made up from 84 elements it aids boosting energy and counteracts the associated symptoms.


    Caused by Iron deficiency, Anemia can result in blood-loss or incompatibilty in absobing Iron. Fatigue, weakness, headache, and irregular heartbeat are some of the commonly obseved symptoms. Shilajit not only enhnaces the iron level, but also boosts the production of hemoglobin, red blood cells and hematocrit.


    Widely popular to cure infertility, Shilajit enhnaces the sperm count. It also boosts the motility rate which is an important part of fertility. When the sperm’s motility rate is enhnaced, the chances of zygote formation improves.

    Heart health:

    The ingredient is a great  dietary supplement. It helps to restore heart’s health and reduces cardiac lesions. Experiments conducted by health proffesionals demonstarte that Shilajit alongwith few other elements lowers the associated risk.

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