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  • Welcome To Nature Nest

    Welcome To Nature Nest

    About Us

    Nature’s Nest is the brainchild of Heath and Nature. It encapsulates the healing power of nature and puts it to the use of Homo Sapien’s best interest - Health. It all started back in the year 2014 when Mr Sachin visited Russia for a health convention. He witnessed that most of the medicine sold their as health supplements had Indian herbs. This fact somewhere got stuck with him on the journey way back home and it gave birth to the idea of Nature’s Nest.


    In the quest of facilitating the best healthcare at affordable cost, the team delved into the trenches of natural science and discovered some of the gem products. The products are an intelligent integration of the age-old natural extracts and the naval science reforms. With a euphoric hope for a healthy society, the team of Nature’s Nest march forward and strives towards excellence.




    Sachin Chaudhary:



    Fitness expert Sachin Choudhary assimilates his years of expertise and experience in Nature’s Nest. His ideas are a collaborative result of the vast exposure he had been subjected to while working in the Health industry. A veteran lawyer from Supreme Court he looks forward to creating a dynamic health resort where everyone can find solution their woes.


    Aman Kumar:



    A fitness veteran, Aman is a certified sports nutritionist by the American Council on Exercise. Adding on to his laurels, he also has a certification in health and weight management from  YMCA Delhi. An expert in health and body transformation Aman has an experience of about 2 decades and counting in the arena of healthy living.


    Somveer singh Beniwal:



    With an experience of 10  years down the hood, Somveer has worked on a myriad of research projects focussed on the mental and physical health of India and the subcontinent. He has also worked with the institutes of eminence WHO and NACO to discover the in reach and subtle health solutions for mankind.





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