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    I have tried many other Ayurvedic products, but none has the effect that the Nature Nest Shilajit has. It is the first Shilajit that I have ever tried that has given an immediate, profound, and transformative effect. You can sense the consciousness, the high vibration, and the authenticity of this product from the first sample. This is the Shilajit the ancient sages wrote about.

    Dheeraj Kumar

    Keeps the edge off the stress throughout the day and keeps you topped off in terms of energy. Would easily recommend it to anyone dealing with stress or wanting to keep energy levels up.

    Dr. Vivek

    I've been on the hunt for authentic shilajit for years now. Most shilajit you see and can purchase are often heavily refined/processed. But Nature Nest Shilajit is 100% organic and natural. It provides me with a stable sense of energy - both physical and mental - but without the edginess or anxiety of caffeine.

    Tarun Sharma